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Our work

Current and On-going Projects in The Batey Community. 

Food Security

Meeting nutritional needs of the children; the most vulnerable
in the community.


helping people gain access to quality healthcare to address


assisting the leaders in the community identify resources to provide safe homes and public spaces and to prevent health problems and diseases.

Educational Opportunities

empowering the community to access availableopportunities.

The Children’s Kitchen located in a community-donated building in the center of the Batey. We feed 60 children breakfast and lunch every day.

Health team visits twice a month to monitor growth and development of children, treat illness, and educate the community.

Expanding solar-powered electricity in the community to avoid lighting homes with candles. Three fires over the past 8 years have destroyed 80 homes and resulted in the death of a child.

Leadership development within community and facilitating documentation for children to attend the local Dominican school.

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