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Update on Baby X, Rebuilding & Empowering

The little lady from the DR Community I visited has made some progress! She has put on some weight and begun her HIV+ meds. While her future is still very precarious this is a great step in the right direction. Where she will live and grow up is still uncertain. This is the life of a child growing up in the poverty of living in a batey in the DR.

On another note, Pascal's Pantry is joining other partners in the community to collaborate on the plan to rebuild the houses that burned in the past several months. The budget to rebuild is approximately $14,000 U.S. Dollars. We have raised $9,500. If you are able to help raise the additional funds, in any amount of a contribution, please click this link: [new link under construction. Thank you for your patience. Please check back!] And MUST be labeled “CONSTRUCTION IN BATEY DOS”

Thank you for joining us in the effort to empower this community to strive. Your support is welcomed with warmth and gratitude.

With gratitude,

Kate L. Nolt, Treasurer

Pascal's Pantry

Let's rebuild and empower!


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