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Dr. Hauscar Rodriguez, Medical Consultant for Pascal's Pantry, Appointed as Director

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Dr. Huascar Rodriguez, the medical consultant for Pascal’s Pantry, was recently appointed as the Director of a Pilot Project for the ILAC Mission in Santiago. He and Redline Dorsavil, RN, have provided the health support for children and families in Batey Dos for the past five years. They have provided monthly check-ups for children and built trust with the community of Batey Dos both before and throughout the pandemic. In collaboration with Chronic Care International, the Order de Malta (Miami), and Pascal’s Pantry, Dr. Rodriguez will be directing a pilot project on Community Health for ILAC in three distinct communities—Las Cruzes (35 families), Sabaneta (38 families) and Batey Dos (125 families). In addition to replicating the methods he has used in Batey Dos, Dr. Rodriguez will monitor and measure chronic diseases in these communities including different forms of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary health, and mental health.

The medical team he directs will monitor established health indicators, follow risk factors, establish a system of following the indicators and obtain health statistics for these communities. Their purpose is to effectively address chronic disease through preventative care and health promotion.

In order to do this, Dr. Rodriguez and his team will identify people with chronic disease, evaluate the status of their health, and administer medication to treat their symptoms. Additionally, they will offer integrated health services (dental, family medicine, talks and nursing), train community leaders in prevention strategies and help establish best practices for health education in the communities served.

For all of us at Pascal’s Pantry this serves as confirmation that Dr. Rodriguez and Redline Dorsavil have effectively served the health needs of Batey Dos. We are grateful this will continue and deepen the work of this pilot project.

Submitted by Thomas M. Kelly, PhD

April 22, 2022



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