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Baby D @ Batey dos

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

On my recent visit to a Haitian community in the DR (a community that Pascal's Pantry serves) life is precarious. With no electricity there are no refrigerators, for example, to store breast milk. Most prefer to breastfeed. Pascal's Pantry faces a new challenge- to help feed the children under the age of 2. In this culture, breastfeeding is preferred so formula would be intrusive. Not all babies under 2 can eat solid food.

One such baby is this precious Baby X. A 1 year old girl malnourished and weighing only 11.5 lbs. With the help of caring staff of a mission I work with, Baby X and Mom were taken to a hospital. I visited and held this little lady. We sang songs (well I did). She seemed happy to have the attention.

Baby X was admitted but faces new challenges beyond severe malnutrition. She was found to be HIV+ as well. While her life story has yet to unfold there is much we can do to help the women of this community support each other. We can share what we know and offer our compassion. Pascal's Pantry will soon be working closely as a partner with the community and others who can help. #publichealth

Please share our website ( and my blog posts as I follow Baby X. Join us?

Kate L. Nolt, MPH, PhD

Treasurer, BOD Pascal's Pantry



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