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Progress...the Children's Kitchen

Pascal’s Pantry is in the final stages of re-constructing a much needed kitchen for the children! This has been a goal of ours, knowing it will significantly improve our capacity to contribute to better hygiene and nutrition for the children of this community. 

Maria and her assistants have been cooking for the past year in a dark, closed-in building located in the middle of the Batey. Currently, the roof is being replaced and the cement walls around it are being raised. In addition, the children will benefit from a new child-size sink and hygiene station that are part of the re-construction. Ceramic counter tops will be installed, allowing for the area to be cleaned and bleached to increase the overall hygiene. The building will have windows which will create an open and airy kitchen. Secure storage units will be available for the food that is usually bought purchased in bulk.

This is one more way Pascal’s Pantry is sending a clear message to this community that we are committed to the well-being of their children and families.  Notably, the expert carpenter is Haitian, and all labor has been donated by people in the community.  This has been an effort with, not just for the people of the Batey.  Pascal's Pantry has gained a new level of acceptance and trust through this effort at a new kitchen.  We are deeply grateful to all those who donated toward this effort!

-Post authored by Dr. Tom Kelly


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