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A Note of Gratitude

Author: Monica White, MS, LCSW, MS, Secretary, Pascal's Pantry

Thank you to all of you who have supported Pascal’s Pantry in some way.  Every action, every dollar, every time you share the information about the work this non-profit is doing helps move food to mouth for the 50+ children in the Batey we are partnered with in the Dominican Republic.  We will be sending a monthly email with a brief update so you can see the change you are helping make in this community. 

The picture to the left is Kate Nolt, Board Member of Pascal’s Pantry and Public Health educator.  She recently traveled to the Batey to continue study and research with the community to help see and affirm the health changes that one nutritious meal per day is making.

Pascal is just one of the many children in this Batey that are now vaccinated, seeing a visiting nurse once per month, and receiving one meal per day.  When we (and you) first met him, he was malnourished, underweight, and not walking.  He is now standing on his own and building the muscle and skills his body needs as he walks in the Batey.  The food he eats is nourishing his body and mind.  Know you are part of that miracle of healing for him and every child in the Batey that he represents. 

We have a goal to continue feeding the children, which costs $1400/month to feed approximately 50 children one nutritious meal per day.  We have seen the ordering, delivery, and preparation of this food with menus developed by a dietitian to maximize the possible nutrition and calories.  Please click on the donation button on this page if you feel called to continue in this outreach and feeding program.

In a world where there is much pain and division, we hope you feel connected in this care of others.  We know that if 140 of us will commit to $10/month to Pascal’s Pantry, we can continue to sustain this care for this community as they heal, rebuild, and find their own paths to self-sufficiency. 

Dr. Kate Nolt with the children of the Batey

Thank you from all of us on the Board of Pascal’s Pantry. 


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